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I’d love it if you would join me over there!


Thanks so much for reading and  following, I really appreciate it!


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If you say so: Your mind is a powerful thing

your mind is a powerful thing

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.


If you follow my blog or have scanned the past few posts, you know I have a love of quotes/ proverbs/ sayings/ mantras/ whateveryouwanttocallit. I love anything that makes you think – whether it’s inspirational or motivating, meant to be thought provoking or suggests a life lesson. One aspect I really love is the idea that if you believe in these words, if you say them to yourself, they will come true. From now on, here on the blog, those words will be called ‘if you say so’.

Because, if you say so, they will.

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Wild Peacocks

One of the coolest things about where we live are the wild peacocks! I was in total awe the first time my husband took me to the park to see them! Some neighborhoods actually have the occasional peacock roaming around, but it’s a rare site – how cool is that?! Usually though, everyone heads to the big park to watch them hang out near their open habitat. It’s impossible to count how many there are in the park, but I’d say at least 20? Maybe 30?

I was going through some old photos and found these – they were actually taken the day my husband proposed! He took me to the park to see the peacocks on my birthday three years ago, and then surprised me with a picnic that had been set up earlier in the day.


Isn’t he stunning? Those colors are just electric!

This guy really wanted the strawberries from our picnic, but wouldn’t come quite close enough to eat out of my husband’s hand. (Photo bombed by another peacock!)

peacock strawberryHe was pretty happy to eat what we tossed him though! It’s pretty amazing to be just a couple feet away from such a large and majestic bird!

peacockIt’s been awhile since we’ve been out to see these guys, and I think we’ll have to make a trip out to see them this weekend!




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Quotable Quotes: Every Experience

every experience no matter how bad it seems

Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it. ~ Buddha

Everything we experience holds a lesson and a blessing!

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Highly Sensitive

I am a highly sensitive person. And according to society, that’s not such a good thing.


Learning this about myself is a relatively new thing for me. I was often told I took things too seriously or personally. I thought I was just an overly emotional person who felt everything deeply and didn’t fit in. I thought my desire for privacy and quiet meant I just wasn’t good at dealing with distractions. I thought crying when I heard a sad story, or the amount of pain I felt when I saw a homeless man or a stray dog meant I was weak.

I was right that I do feel things deeply. I was wrong about being weak.

Earlier this year I left a job that was actually two positions in one. It had reached the point where in order for me to feel that I was successful at the job, I would need to work 80 hours a week. I also shared a cramped 8×8 windowless office with two coworkers, which we each ran our own departments from. We were so cramped that boxes of materials stacked 5 feet high covered any open floorspace, and it was so loud with our phone calls and meetings that you couldn’t hear yourself think.

When I was hired for that position, it was on the basis that after 6 months the company would split the position and hire me help, and that within the year their new office would be finished and I would have my own large office with a beautiful view. I left at 18 months without seeing any of those things come to fruition. In the meantime, the company continued it’s rapid expansion – we added 6 stores in 5 states, and hired over 100 employees in the time I was there, with additional stores on the horizon. But I couldn’t keep up with the growth of our now 20 stores, and do both of my jobs as well as I wanted. I was told to ‘suck it up’, ‘stick it out’. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t keep waking up crying every morning. I couldn’t sleep and could never turn my mind off – to do lists ran through my mind all hours of the day and night, and especially on weekends. I lost weight. I had full blown panic attacks in public places like restaurants.

My company tried to make things work, but they couldn’t keep the promises they had made. The company was (and is) growing so quickly, that they had more important things to focus on, and the new office was still a minimum of 8 months from completion (and that date was pushed back every month). I loved a lot of things about that company, and I still feel a deep loyalty to them, but I couldn’t stay.

Finally, one day I just couldn’t bring myself to go in. My health had to come first.

Some people understood. Some did not. Upon explaining the hours, stress, and office situation to a friend, he simply asked, ‘Well, you got paid overtime right?’ I mean, c’mon, that’s all that matters! Think of all the money you’d make working 80+ hours a week with overtime! Never mind the panic attacks, sleepless nights, or endless crying. Suck it up!

Society tells those of us who are highly sensitive to ‘suck it up’, and ‘don’t take things so seriously/personally’. We may cry easily. We don’t really feel like we fit in. We are sensitive and the saying ‘I feel your pain’ is almost literal to us. Society often tells us that we are ‘weak’.

But we’re not weak. We’re empathetic and compassionate. We are aware. We feel things deeply, and seek deep connections with others and our environment. We are creative. We see past what many don’t. Being highly sensitive is a gift.

Society may tell us that we don’t fit in, or that we can’t hack it. That’s okay.

Just because everyone else takes the path most traveled doesn’t mean it’s right for us.

What society is really telling us is that we must take the path less traveled by.

What’s weak about that?

The first step to taking the path less traveled? Stop resisting. Accept that this is who you are. See the beauty in being highly sensitive, and accept all that goes with it.


If you’d like to know more about highly sensitive people, I ‘d like to invite you to click these links for some of my favorite pieces on the subject:

The Highly Sensitive Person Test (and Book)

Science Explains What’s Different About Highly Sensitive People

7 Unexpected Gifts Of Being Highly Sensitive

5 Awesome Reasons To Appreciate Your Sensitive Nature

16 Habits Of Highly Sensitive People


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Support World Lung Cancer Day

I just got an email from the American Lung Association that today is World Lung Cancer Day. I lost both of my grandfathers to lung cancer, and I would bet you know someone who has been affected by it as well.

The American Lung Association is close to our hearts, and an important cause to us. We’ve enjoyed doing their San Francisco ‘Fight For Air’ fundraiser stair climbs for the past few years with my Dad!

Today the American Lung Association is asking for help in seeking funding from Congress for lung cancer research. All you have to do is click here, and then click Tell Congress: Invest in Lung Cancer Research and they will send an email to your congressmen on your behalf.

Thanks so much in advance for your support!!


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This week in pictures

I don’t know about you, but this has been one weird week!

The husband and I both started the week off sick. On Tuesday I found out I didn’t have dental or vision insurance because of an error (I now have vision, but won’t have dental until next Spring). One of our ceiling fans quit working (but the light works?!). My husband’s car is having major transmission issues all of a sudden. A friend and I got sick from a dinner we went to. We’ve had internet and computer issues all week… and this morning started off with my laptop crashing. After I woke up at 4:30, wide awake and ready to take on the day (which completely weirded my husband out)! And then I dropped my bagel and cream cheese face down on the kitchen floor (thank goodness for dogs… they made quick work of my mess).

Oh, and to top it off, the temperature this week has ranged from a balmy 102 to a lovely 108!


I had a hard time posting this week with all of the computer and internet problems, so here’s a peek into the good and bad that went on this week…

Monday was rough and spent in bed. This was probably the highlight of my day!


Tuesday included the best grilled cheese sandwiches.ever.


And we hung the beautiful glass hummingbird feeder my brother gave me for my birthday…


Wednesday was a long day where not much seemed to be going right! This about sums it up:


So Z arrived home with this surprise for me: Corona Light’s, Nacho Doritos and Rolo’s. He clearly knows the way to my heart!


Then we headed out to a fun dinner with good friends to celebrate a birthday! My friend and I split this bottle of Chapellet cabernet (delicious!). But, apparently the new trendy way to pour wine is to pour straight in and not twist the bottle at the end? Unfortunately our waiter really struggled with it… and we needed to wipe our glasses down before sipping.

IMG_3106My husband is a chicken pot pie fanatic, but as he’s said, he’s stopped eating them after realizing each time he downs one it’s a good 1,700 calories (not that is shows on him. lucky.). But he couldn’t resist trying the chicken pot pie on the menu… and none of us could resist snapping photos when it came out: It was huge!!!!

This photo is a little deceiving… but lets just say it took two large and very full to-go containers to fit the remains of his dinner!


The night ended on a not so great note, when my friend and I felt quite ill from the scampi we’d had. I felt much better by mid day yesterday!

I didn’t spent much time in the garden this week because the temperatures looked like this:


But, here’s a shot I took yesterday of the saddest looking spaghetti squash plant ever. It’s still alive (on the left) and has two small squash about ready to harvest, but man is it sad looking! This happens to me every time I grow squash… anyone else?!

IMG_3114At least the peppers are still going strong! Check out all the different colors of peppers on this plant!

IMG_3116And, I had a nice afternoon surprise when Z sent me this:


But my favorite highlight? This tequila. A gift from one of Z’s coworkers that she brought back from her vacation because she knows we like love tequila. Isn’t that the nicest thing?! So excited to try it tonight! (Has anyone had this?)

IMG_3121Tonight we’re headed to another birthday dinner with Z’s family at one of my favorite restaurants, and then we’re planning on a nice relaxing weekend to recoup from this weird weird week! What are your plans?


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Hello, August!


Can you believe it’s August already?! Where has this summer gone??

This picture is from a 2007 trip to Maui… doesn’t that shade of green just scream tropical?!

Looking through the photos from that trip is making me seriously wish we could be at the beach right now!! Because, you know, it’s only 108 here today….


Happy Friday!!

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We are all doing the best we can

we are all doing the best we can

We are all doing the best we can! Love this!!

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Things I Love: 49ers


Wishing I had these 49er themed items in my closet!

Safe to say, I have football on the brain!!

With the NFL pre-season and fantasy football drafts approaching in August, football is quickly becoming the main topic in our house!

My husband and I are both commissioners of our respective fantasy football leagues, and we are already in full planning mode for our drafts on Labor day weekend! I lead an 8 person all girls league, and my husband is the new commissioner of a 12-man men’s league he’s been in since we were in college. We’re pretty excited – not only because it means football is almost back – but also because we have several friends coming into town that weekend for the drafts and other parties.

Fun fact? About half of the girls in my league are married to men in my husband’s league.

Can you say party weekend?!?! YES!

But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous because we’re hosting our drafts on the same day… less than 4 hours apart.

And, if you’ve participated in a fantasy league, you know that’s cutting it pretty tight. Actually, it pretty much guarantees a little overlap. So, the idea of 20 people in the house at once with one draft finishing and the other about to start sounds a little hectic! However, we’re lucky to have enough room for all, and I know that in reality, it will be SO much fun!

…If my husband will let me decorate with 49ers stuff. Hehe. He might be a massive Chargers fan. I might be a lifelong 49ers fan. This might cause a little conflict. And a bit of good natured shit talking during the NFL season. But that’s okay because the Niners always do better than the Chargers! (love you babe!)

Luckily my husband and I maintain our bond during football season over our love of cooking, and making yummy and indulgent “football food” for Sunday football. So this season I’ll be posting some of our favorite “football food” (and drink!) recipes, along with the occasional post on football. (I realize some of you may not be into this, but I hope you’ll enjoy the recipes!)

Should be a fun season! Let the countdown begin….

First game of the NFL regular season: Sept. 4!

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