Our new (to us) dining table

While we’ve been in our house almost 8 months, it’s taking us quite a while to get it furnished. One of the rooms that’s taken the longest is our dining room. Before we bought the house we lived in a 900 sq. foot apartment for years and years – and never had the space for a full table. Now that we’re here, finding a table was harder than we thought, and honestly, just not the highest priority.

A few months ago we bought dining chairs for a steal… and have been using a folding table as our formal dining table (I swear it wasn’t tooooo bad with a tablecloth!).

Then, yesterday I found this table via a local second hand shop’s instagram. It wasn’t the style or shape we were originally considering.



We were looking for something that felt a bit lighter, and really had not considered a table that becomes a 60″ square once the leaf is added in. But, I sent the picture to my husband and he agreed it was worth a look for the cheap price. So, after confirming it would fit in our space, we drove out there on lunch to check it out (this shop will sell furniture via instagram, so pieces often don’t last more than a few hours).

The shop is out on farmland, and the drive there captures all of my favorite parts of living in the Central Valley! Once we got there, our decision was made pretty quickly…. the 102 weather may have helped that out (and the shop A/C was out!). I felt pretty awful having my husband (in slacks and a button up) and a shop assistant load up my truck in that heat!

I mean, check out the forecast for today and the rest of the week….


And that’s after the week started with 2 days of 108 degree weather!!

But it was so worth it!

Here’s how it looks with our chairs in our dining room:

Last night…


And this morning…


I am so excited to finally have a real dining table, and cannot wait to have our friends and family over to eat at it!


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