Mirror, Mirror

Do you have a HomeGoods by you? Oh, man they are dangerous! We got one in town last year I think, but I’ve really only stepped in there in the last few months since we bought our house. Friends and family tried to warn me how much I’d become obsessed with it. I kind of wish I’d listened. But only kind of.

I mean, every time I go, I find amazingly cute decor pieces for our house at ridiculously good prices!

Last time we went in searching for two mirrors for our living room wall, and picked up two large wall mirrors for $60 each!!

We recently hung them, and I am so pleased with how they look and the light they reflect!


mirror mirror

The family before us had a giant 8′ mirror leaning against this wall when we walked through the first time, and we were so in love with how it looked that we knew we wanted something similar for us. And these two are exactly what we were picturing for that corner!

One more wall complete…. with too many left to count!

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