Epsom Salt Bath

I would so love to take an epsom salt bath tonight with a  glass of wine and a good book – it’s so relaxing, and I swear I get out of the tub with the softest skin ever afterwards!

epsom salt bath

But, I just can’t rationalize it with this California drought!!

We Californian’s have not been too great on reducing our water usage during this shortage (embarrassingly waves hand…). In fact, it was just announced that those who’s sprinklers are ‘unnecessarily’ watering their sidewalk will be fined $500! Not too sure how they’ll patrol that one. The news also highlighted the new trend of painting your lawn green instead of watering. I’m all for saving water, but that’s a bit much for me!

But man does an epsom salt bath sound so good! I’m really hoping we have a rain drenched winter so I don’t have to ration my baths quite as much! Until then, maybe I’ll just sit in the empty bath with my wine and book, and pretend it’s full of water!



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