HOLA Doormat

hola doormat

Oh my gosh, I love this HOLA doormat SO much!!

I pretty much flunked high school spanish because I had a crush on the guy next to me. My lovely parents found this hilarious, and decided to share it with my (then boyfriend) husband a few years ago.

And he has never let me forget it!!!! Remind me to thank my parents for that bonding moment. If possible, my husband finds that story funnier than my parents do. So, any chance he gets, he likes to remind me of the skills I missed out on by translating anything and everything! And I mean everything. Including this mat.

I would never hear the end of it, but I can only imagine how much fun we would have with this every day if this was our doormat!

P.S. this doormat is currently available for sale at nordstrom and urban outfitters!

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2 Responses to HOLA Doormat

  1. Zach says:

    Quiero que este felpudo!!!

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