Good Things Jar

Last year we started a ‘good things jar’, after learning about the idea on Pinterest. The idea is that throughout the year, whenever anything good happens (of any size) you write it down, fold it up, and stick in the jar. At the end of the year – perhaps New Years Eve? – you empty the jar and revisit all of the wonderful things that happened over the last year.

While we don’t empty the jar at the end to go through our notes, we do like to randomly pick out a note from the old jar, or sometimes we’ll sit and pull out a few handfuls. It’s not only touching, but pretty fun – and funny – to look at what we (or our friends and family!) have put in our jar!

Our 2013 jar was a Claussen pickle jar (you don’t want to know how many dill pickles the two of us can put away…). Our 2014 jar is actually an empty candy jar!

good things jar

This is an old picture – our 2014 jar is mostly full now and we have to push all the notes down whenever we cram more in! What a horrible thing when your good things jar is too full, huh?

My favorite part of this is that it reminds me how many amazing things happen in our lives, and I’m so so grateful for them! This has become our most favorite tradition and one that we will carry on for many years. It’s fun to imagine what our future jars will look like and what we will do with them all!

I can’t wait to look back at our first jar in 10 years or so – how fun will that be?!

The only downside to a good things jar? You will be amazed at how quickly you run out of paper for your notes!!


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