Things I Love: 49ers


Wishing I had these 49er themed items in my closet!

Safe to say, I have football on the brain!!

With the NFL pre-season and fantasy football drafts approaching in August, football is quickly becoming the main topic in our house!

My husband and I are both commissioners of our respective fantasy football leagues, and we are already in full planning mode for our drafts on Labor day weekend! I lead an 8 person all girls league, and my husband is the new commissioner of a 12-man men’s league he’s been in since we were in college. We’re pretty excited – not only because it means football is almost back – but also because we have several friends coming into town that weekend for the drafts and other parties.

Fun fact? About half of the girls in my league are married to men in my husband’s league.

Can you say party weekend?!?! YES!

But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous because we’re hosting our drafts on the same day… less than 4 hours apart.

And, if you’ve participated in a fantasy league, you know that’s cutting it pretty tight. Actually, it pretty much guarantees a little overlap. So, the idea of 20 people in the house at once with one draft finishing and the other about to start sounds a little hectic! However, we’re lucky to have enough room for all, and I know that in reality, it will be SO much fun!

…If my husband will let me decorate with 49ers stuff. Hehe. He might be a massive Chargers fan. I might be a lifelong 49ers fan. This might cause a little conflict. And a bit of good natured shit talking during the NFL season. But that’s okay because the Niners always do better than the Chargers! (love you babe!)

Luckily my husband and I maintain our bond during football season over our love of cooking, and making yummy and indulgent “football food” for Sunday football. So this season I’ll be posting some of our favorite “football food” (and drink!) recipes, along with the occasional post on football. (I realize some of you may not be into this, but I hope you’ll enjoy the recipes!)

Should be a fun season! Let the countdown begin….

First game of the NFL regular season: Sept. 4!

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