This week in pictures

I don’t know about you, but this has been one weird week!

The husband and I both started the week off sick. On Tuesday I found out I didn’t have dental or vision insurance because of an error (I now have vision, but won’t have dental until next Spring). One of our ceiling fans quit working (but the light works?!). My husband’s car is having major transmission issues all of a sudden. A friend and I got sick from a dinner we went to. We’ve had internet and computer issues all week… and this morning started off with my laptop crashing. After I woke up at 4:30, wide awake and ready to take on the day (which completely weirded my husband out)! And then I dropped my bagel and cream cheese face down on the kitchen floor (thank goodness for dogs… they made quick work of my mess).

Oh, and to top it off, the temperature this week has ranged from a balmy 102 to a lovely 108!


I had a hard time posting this week with all of the computer and internet problems, so here’s a peek into the good and bad that went on this week…

Monday was rough and spent in bed. This was probably the highlight of my day!


Tuesday included the best grilled cheese sandwiches.ever.


And we hung the beautiful glass hummingbird feeder my brother gave me for my birthday…


Wednesday was a long day where not much seemed to be going right! This about sums it up:


So Z arrived home with this surprise for me: Corona Light’s, Nacho Doritos and Rolo’s. He clearly knows the way to my heart!


Then we headed out to a fun dinner with good friends to celebrate a birthday! My friend and I split this bottle of Chapellet cabernet (delicious!). But, apparently the new trendy way to pour wine is to pour straight in and not twist the bottle at the end? Unfortunately our waiter really struggled with it… and we needed to wipe our glasses down before sipping.

IMG_3106My husband is a chicken pot pie fanatic, but as he’s said, he’s stopped eating them after realizing each time he downs one it’s a good 1,700 calories (not that is shows on him. lucky.). But he couldn’t resist trying the chicken pot pie on the menu… and none of us could resist snapping photos when it came out: It was huge!!!!

This photo is a little deceiving… but lets just say it took two large and very full to-go containers to fit the remains of his dinner!


The night ended on a not so great note, when my friend and I felt quite ill from the scampi we’d had. I felt much better by mid day yesterday!

I didn’t spent much time in the garden this week because the temperatures looked like this:


But, here’s a shot I took yesterday of the saddest looking spaghetti squash plant ever. It’s still alive (on the left) and has two small squash about ready to harvest, but man is it sad looking! This happens to me every time I grow squash… anyone else?!

IMG_3114At least the peppers are still going strong! Check out all the different colors of peppers on this plant!

IMG_3116And, I had a nice afternoon surprise when Z sent me this:


But my favorite highlight? This tequila. A gift from one of Z’s coworkers that she brought back from her vacation because she knows we like love tequila. Isn’t that the nicest thing?! So excited to try it tonight! (Has anyone had this?)

IMG_3121Tonight we’re headed to another birthday dinner with Z’s family at one of my favorite restaurants, and then we’re planning on a nice relaxing weekend to recoup from this weird weird week! What are your plans?


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