Wild Peacocks

One of the coolest things about where we live are the wild peacocks! I was in total awe the first time my husband took me to the park to see them! Some neighborhoods actually have the occasional peacock roaming around, but it’s a rare site – how cool is that?! Usually though, everyone heads to the big park to watch them hang out near their open habitat. It’s impossible to count how many there are in the park, but I’d say at least 20? Maybe 30?

I was going through some old photos and found these – they were actually taken the day my husband proposed! He took me to the park to see the peacocks on my birthday three years ago, and then surprised me with a picnic that had been set up earlier in the day.


Isn’t he stunning? Those colors are just electric!

This guy really wanted the strawberries from our picnic, but wouldn’t come quite close enough to eat out of my husband’s hand. (Photo bombed by another peacock!)

peacock strawberryHe was pretty happy to eat what we tossed him though! It’s pretty amazing to be just a couple feet away from such a large and majestic bird!

peacockIt’s been awhile since we’ve been out to see these guys, and I think we’ll have to make a trip out to see them this weekend!




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